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Why a RUSH fee? Rush fees cover any extra shipping costs and other fees I have to pay to get the supplies in in time to complete your order. This also pushes your order ahead of other pending orders which requires me to work harder to stay within my turnaround time, almost always resulting in late nights work, taking time away from my family. 

Please add the quantity of RUSH fees to your cart that you need rushed. $5 rush is for one item only. If you need 3 items rushed, please adjust quantity to 3. 

This option is only available if you have verified with me that I can have your order completed by the date you need it. Please enter the date you need it by in the notes section! 

I am only one person and have a lot to manage so sometimes I get behind on messages and emails. If I have not responded within 24 hours, you may proceed with adding this to your cart and complete your checkout. If I cannot complete the order by the time needed, I will cancel the order and give you a full refund if you no longer need/want the item.